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On land

Explore Bali Barat on foot, horseback or mountain bike.

This perfect introduction to The Menjangan takes in the views of the forest and beach guided by the resort’s expert staff.

Each of the following activities can be arrange with our guest relations team. Tours leave daily and are subject to weather conditions.


With more than 120 species of bird thriving in the national park, many on the endangered species list, a guided tour is indeed a rewarding experience.

Look out for the Bali Starling and help us to protects these rare and endemic birds as the fight their way back from extinction.

Explore the jungle on foot or jump on a bike. Listen to our trained guides share their secrets, find out which leaf to use for antiseptic and which one to grab for the perfect manicure. Discover some of the best views, only reachable on foot. Keep quiet to discover the Menjangan, a unique species of deer for whom the resort is named.

Chance upon a monitor lizard sunning himself on a warm rock or a family of monkeys in search of lunch. Our guides can answer your questions about the conservation projects the resort is involved in and the many animals, flora and fauna that live in the park.

Experience the beauty of the national park on horseback.

We have a stable of faithful Australian horses who know these woods almost better than we do! Take in the views of the jungle and beach, guided by the resort’s trained staff who tailor each trek to suite your riding ability.

We recommend early morning or late afternoon for horse trekking, to avoid the heat of the mid-day sun.

Explore the secrets of Balinese cuisine and its exotic flavors with this four course culinary experience! Great for kids and adults alike who share a passion for the art of cooking, leaving you with unique memories and plenty of information for your future Balinese dinners once back home.

Your private Balinese chef will guide you through the preparation of dishes – using the freshest ingredients, traditional cooking tools and recipes – just as they do in local homes and villages since centuries. Indulge yourself in the Balinese way of cooking and culinary pleasures whilst overlooking the clear blue ocean in the middle of Bali’s National Park. Reservation required, please allow us 24hrs for preparation.