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5 Gorgeous Places in Bali Where You Should Try Water Sports

Bali is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. For example, it’s one of the islands in Indonesia with the best diving site., Bali is a world-renowned home to some of the rarest tropical coral and marine life.

This natural heritage is also enjoyable by snorkeling and kayaking. Surfing, kite surfing and paragliding are three other water sports activities to enjoy in Bali. Let’s learn more about all the places you can try water sports!

1. Menjangan and West Bali National Park

Off the northwest tip of the resort island is another island called Menjangan Island. Here, you can dive into beautiful and secluded dive sites. Explore the eel garden, a century-old shipwreck, and surve vast underwater cliffs and caverns. Kayaking is also a great option for those who prefer the calm waters on the surface.

Recommended accommodation is the eco-resort called The Menjangan, located inside West Bali National Park. We are located on the northwestern peninsula of Bali’s main island, a short boat ride to Menjangan Island.

2. Lovina

Lovina’s calm water is also a gorgeous place to kayak. Kayaking early in the morning is highly recommended. While it’s true as many claim that you can see dolphins in Lovina, these friendly and smart cetaceans normally hang out quite far offshore and are better reached by local motor boat. You may hire a driver and a traditional motorized jukung boat to show you around.

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3. Amed

Divers and snorkelers can enjoy a diverse collection of healthy corals and Amed is very well known for its various snorkeling sites and shallow coral ecosystem. The artificial reef systems, such as the Underwater Post Office is a landmark – a ‘seamark’ rather – of Amed, and posing next to it for an underwater photograph is a treat for visitors.

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4. Canggu

South Bali is often synonymous with surfing, and there is no better place to try surfing than in Canggu. The winds and slope of the Canggu shoreline often work together to create a long-lasting barrel for your surfing pleasure.

If you are just beginning to surf, Canggu may not be the best place. However, a short drive from Canggu to Kuta or Seminyak can grant you access to Bali’s more beginner-friendly waves.

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5. Tanjung Benoa

In South Bali, parasailing activities are concentrated in Tanjung Benoa. In the future, when the new airport in Singaraja is complete, there may be places in North Bali to try parasailing as the area is expected to grow substantially following the airport’s completion.

Bali offers exciting water sports activities from north to south, so you will never run out of ideas! Visit our activities page at The Menjangan official website and learn more about what you can do both on land and sea.

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