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Planting a Tree for Mother Earth

Planting a tree is one of the most generous things you can do to give back to Nature. At The Menjangan, an eco resort in West Bali National Park, we regularly plant trees in various locations. Growing a tree takes time and effort, but with some early preparations, you can save any trouble in the future once your tree fully matures. Here are some tree- planting tips for you.

1. Pick a tree that is suitable to the environment

If your goal is to simply plant a tree, you don’t have to look too far to see which types of plants grow in the area of your choice. If you plan to grow a certain type of tree, you may need to conduct soil samples and climate research.

2. Transplant from a nursery or plant a sapling

For beginners, it’s advisable to plant a young tree that is ready to root itself in the outdoors. Planting from a seed will take more effort as you need to control the amount of moisture, temperature and soil composition for germination.

Some trees can grow quickly from a sapling, and it can be rewarding to see it grow to maturation. However, to increase the chance of the tree’s survival, simply purchase a young tree and transplant it to the area of your choice.

3. Mulch the surface of the soil surrounding the tree

Mulching is the act of applying dead leaves and plant material around the growing plant. This increases the nutrient concentration of the soil near the tree as the dead plant materials decompose. In addition, mulching reduces competition from weeds. The mulch blocks sunlight from hitting the topsoil, reducing the possibility of weed growth.

4. Apply stakes only when necessary

Staking is to provide support to the branches by means of upright poles to which you can tie up the branches. Most trees don’t require staking, as they are adapted to growing strong roots and branches. However, if your tree is damaged from strong winds, staking for a couple of months can help support the tree as it heals.

5. Don’t abandon your tree

Once fully matured, trees can “take care of themselves” in the wild outdoors. However, young trees require extra attention in order to survive and grow tall. Water the soil regularly, particularly during summers or if the soil is too sandy and drains too quickly.

Fertilize the soil with compost or apply a consortium of soil-fixing bacteria on mulch to speed up decomposition and to feed the tree with the extra nutrient. Don’t forget to eliminate weeds as soon as you spot them. You’ll be surprised just how quickly they grow and spread around your tree.

Looking for more information on what we do to promote eco-tourism and to protect the environment in which our Resort is located? Come and speak with us on your trip to The Menjangan, or better yet - join one of our nature treks where you can explore the West Bali National Park for yourself.