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The 5 Reasons Tourists Love Horse Riding In Bali

Horse riding in Bali can be an authentic way of exploring nature, particularly within The West Bali National in Park in Menjangan. The park's nature trek, where the terrain can be rugged and full of undergrowth is perfect for exploration with a horse.

Horse riding then provides a comfortable and convenient way through pathways that can be challenging to travel on foot. Here are the top 5 reasons why our visitors love horse riding in Bali.

1. Horses are intelligent and empathetic

Horse lovers know best when their horses behave in such a way to show understanding of basic human emotions, such as happiness and sadness. Horses are highly receptive of verbal cues, which offers their riders a sense of serenity and calm.

2. Horses are loyal

While dogs receive the biggest spotlight for being loyal to their owners, horses should also be credited for being loyal to their human companions. They never try to intentionally hurt their rider and will warn the rider of any possible danger that they may come across.

3. Horses go where wheels can’t go

Horses are the ultimate mount to explore lands that wheels can’t touch. They are slim enough to go through narrow treks and agile enough to carry you through rugged terrain. Going through a ford or muddy marshes? Horses take the lead in adaptability.

4. Horses are an eco-friendly means of travel

They run on water and vegetables and emit nutrient-rich manure to grow more vegetables. Horses can carry an adult and come in various sizes to accommodate people. They are truly the personal travel companion that promotes sustainability.

5. Horse riding is great for bird watching

The West Bali National Park is home to some of the most beautiful and indigenous birds in Indonesia. Exploring the park on horse-back without the sounds of a motor can be an authentic way to discover the bird life in the area without frightening them away.

Explore the West Bali National Park, Menjangan on horseback and discover why our visitors love these beautiful animals.

Riding a horse is one of the best ways to travel in Menjangan. Come and meet our animals in the stables and get to know their sweet nature before your trip around the park. Be sure to follow safety protocols every time you ride a horse. Wear an ASTM-approved helmet, torso protection, long trousers and a pair of boots to protect your toes.