Menjangan Island – How to get there?

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You’ll notice that the further north you go from Bali’s center of tourism (Kuta, Seminyak and Jimbaran), the more quiet it is. Menjangan Island is as far away from Bali's tourism center as you can possibly get, and if you’re curious about how you can make your way to this hidden gem, this article is for you.

You will need a permit, a guide, and a boat to Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is indeed accessible and open to anyone who would like to visit it. The island lies around 5 km from the nearest harbor, Labuan Lalang, in Pejarakan village, Buleleng Regency (north west of Bali).

However, as Menjangan Island is now part of the protected West Bali National Park, you cannot independently visit the island. Luckily, there are friendly agents (including ourselves) who can assist you in getting a permit, a professional guide for the island tour, and a comfortable boat for your 30-minute ride - entrance to The Menjangan National Park is included in your stay with us at The Menjangan.

Where to stay overnight near Menjangan Island

Appreciating the distance of Menjangan Island, you may wonder whether it is possible to find a hotel or villa on the island, or at least to camp out there. On the island itself, it’s forbidden to stay overnight unless it is an emergency.

However, The Menjangan Resort lies within the national park, with access to a private jetty that can lead you right to Menjangan Island. Our fantastic location is ideal for a truly peaceful nature retreat. We took inspiration from the beauty of Menjangan Island and recreated similar scenery in our vast resort. Check out the best rooms in Menjangan that will suit your taste.

What to do on Menjangan Island

You will find wandering deer in their natural habitat, but they are not shy at all. Your guide or a local seller may sell vegetables in order for you to be able to feed the deer and take photographs with them. Please do not feed the deer anything else, and remain respectful of the wildlife there. Further inland, if you are lucky, you may find the Myna bird, the national bird of Bali, which has a population of less than 200 in the wild.

In the water, you can enjoy a spectacular dive and appreciate the untouched reef. If you do not have a diving certificate or do not prefer to dive, then snorkeling is another way for you to marvel at the marine biodiversity of the coral ecosystem right underneath you. Book a room in The Menjangan and get closer than ever with Bali’s wild side.