West Bali National Park

Bali is a multifaceted gem of Indonesia. In the south, you can find the most vibrant and lively neighborhoods of nightclubs, beach clubs, restaurants and mega hotels. To the east, you can find a picturesque landscape of a thousand paddy fields that sprawl from a holy mountain all the way to the shorelines. To the north and west, an entirely different world — protected natural reserves, sparsely populated, with regions that are completely uninhabited by humans, which reflects the original state of Bali.

West Bali National Park (or Bali Barat National Park)

Within this land unbeknownst to the majority of vacationers is West Bali National Park. Covering an area of 77,000 hectares (about 10% of the land area of Bali), the national park is home to the predecessors of Bali’s domestic animals — the wild banteng cattle, the wild boar, and wild chickens. Wild and nearly extinct bird species like the Myna birds (Bali starlings) thrive and regrow their population in peace. Leopard cats hide in the dense and deciduous forests. Anyone who has an encounter with the rarest animals never discloses where they saw them — and for a good reason, too. All West Bali National Park animals are given the highest protection by the local government.

Menjangan Island

West Bali National Park extends to Menjangan Island. This is a small island with a name that is inspired by the local deer populations that migrate to and from the island every year. This migration requires the deer herds to swim 1.2 miles across the calm waters between Menjangan Island and Prapat Agung Peninsula.

Although the island strictly prohibits anyone to camp overnight (as there is no accommodation anywhere on the island), there are around 16 Hindu monks that live in the three temples within Menjangan Island. These three temples, as well as the mooring harbor, are the only artificial structures on the island.

What to do in West Bali National Park and Menjangan Island

Visitors who are interested in marine life can enjoy snorkeling and diving at one of the most protected marine ecosystems in Indonesia. Menjangan Island’s diving experience is unlike anywhere in Bali. As part of the Coral Triangle, you will find an abundance of rare and exotic tropical corals and fish not found anywhere in the world. With good clear water and calm seas with almost no current, diving in this region is perfect for every skill level, especially for absolute beginners.

On the mainland West Bali National Park, you get the chance to explore an incredible variety of biomes, from rainforests, lowland forests, dry savannah and acacia scrubs that you can find in north Australia. You can explore these biomes by going on a guided horseback tour, specifically on the backs of loyal Australian horses that are very familiar with the terrain.

The Menjangan, a resort inside West Bali National Park

The wild side of Bali is a place of healing. With a special certificate, we built an ecologically sustainable resort that combines the authentic natural beauty of Bali with luxury. We welcome guests who have fallen in love with the nature world to come and enjoy it with us. Learn more about The Menjangan today.