Travelling to a Paradise Resort in Menjangan, Bali

You may have heard about the natural richness of West Bali National Park and Menjangan Island. Did you know that there was a Resort nestled right in the heart of the National Park? Come and have a look at what The Menjangan Resort, Bali has to offer.

Immersive holiday experience in the great outdoors

Menjangan Island got its name from the word menjangan, which means “deer” in the local language. This refers to a healthy population of deer and other protected wildlife in the thriving forests on Menjangan island.

Within the Menjangan National Park, we are host to a thriving local deer population which can be seen grazing in the mangroves right in front of your beach side villa - or within the forests as you explore.

An ecosystem of exotic wildlife

For those who prefer to walk in the shade of an evergreen canopy, our bird specialist invites you to trek the landscape in search of its feathered inhabitants. There are 120 species of birds living in Menjangan and West Bali National Park – and they often cross the narrow passage between the islands.

Among the forest birds you will find the rare and beautiful Bali Myna, also known as the Bali starling, under the protection of the national park, and under our watchful eye as well.

Secluded underwater worlds to explore

Menjangan Island is a paradise for divers and snorkelers with its amazingly clear water and breathtaking wall dives. The coral is quite unlike anywhere in Bali and stretches deep past the line of sight. Turtles and other marine life are often seen around the island and if you are very lucky you may even meet a juvenile whale shark passing through.

You may need a dive computer to remind you to start decompressing, because the bustling life in the reefs can be so mesmerizing – you’ll wish you were born with gills to stay underwater for as long as you want.

The Menjangan Resort - the best of both worlds

Our villas and suite rooms are waiting to delight you with comfort and luxury. As you stay in our accommodation, rest well knowing that our resort management follows strict guidelines to heavily reduce our impact on the environment.

After all, The Menjangan Resort is gifted with such an incredible location, and our responsibility is to practice eco-tourism in and out of our resort grounds.

Choose between four accommodation types, each complete with WiFi and air conditioning.

Monsoon Deluxe, a cozy lodge for naturalists with minimalistic furniture.

Monsoon Suite, a small private plot for yourself, a sleeping quarter with a pool and courtyard.

Beach Villa, a pleasant seaview villa where you can touch the water within seconds.

The Residence, a 1000-sqm private estate with two double bedrooms and one twin bedroom fit for a family.