Menjangan Island – Where to stay?

Traveling from the south Bali to the north, through Lake Beratan, around Mt. Batur, and along the northern shorelines of Buleleng, you’ll notice what the ‘real’ Bali looks like. It seems like a different world compared to the much more urban Kuta, Seminyak, and Jimbaran areas in the south.

In the previous article, you’ve learned that Menjangan Island is as far away as possible from Bali’s tourism center. Menjangan Island is part of the protected West Bali National Park, and therefore getting there requires some extra steps such as getting a permit, hiring a national park guide, and a boat ride.

However, our resort, The Menjangan, sits right next to the Pemutaran Bay area with access to a private jetty, which means our friendly resort staff will be able to assist you in getting to Menjangan Island in no time.

Is it possible to stay overnight at Menjangan Island?

In the previous article, we’ve also mentioned that since Menjangan Island is a protected natural sanctuary, it’s not advisable to even camp out on the island itself. All boat trips to Menjangan Island are round trips, leaving no passengers behind on the island.

The Menjangan Resort offers to bring you luxury on the wild side of Bali. We may be a great distance away from the lavish hotels in south Bali, but our strategic location near Menjangan Island is just a neat addition to the luxurious accommodation that you can enjoy.

The beauty surrounding our eco-friendly resort

It might be for the best that the Menjangan Island remains an untouched natural ecosystem for deers, rare birds and marine life. Apart from West Bali National Park, it may be the last natural frontier in which animals and plants can live and breed in the peaceful world that they have created long ago.

However, this doesn’t mean that your chance of getting the ultimate natural retreat is far from reach. At The Menjangan, we sit right amongst the flora and fauna of the West Bali National Park. Naturally this attracts birds that like to travel between Menjangan Island and our own little paradise. Deer can be seen in the forests surrounding our luxurious accommodations.

On the aquatic side, part of the Pemuteran Bay area belongs to The Menjangan. You can also have access to the pristine water for snorkeling or diving, in similar ways that you can take a dive trip in Menjangan Island’s astonishing underwater world.

Book a stay in The Menjangan and enjoy nature’s free gifts

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