Year: 2020

The 5 Reasons Tourists Love Horse Riding In Bali

Posted on 13 May 2020

Horse riding in Bali can be an authentic way of exploring nature, particularly within The West Bali National in Park in Menjangan. The park's nature trek, where the terrain can be rugged and full of undergrowth is perfect for exploration with a horse. Horse riding then provides a comfortable and (more...)

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Family Friendly Diving in Menjangan, Bali

Posted on 22 April 2020

North Bali is a divers’ paradise, it is said that the more you travel north and westward, the more you will uncover Bali’s intrinsic beauty both on land and underwater. Dedicated divers have traveled all the way from Denpasar for diving in Menjangan Island – and it’s now a lot (more...)

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